Saturday, November 7, 2015

Last of the Star Wars

I finished off this Star Wars Commission. There were only six figures left but they were te hardest in terms of knowing what to do with them. First up were two space tigers of some kind.

They are slightly different colours (this difference doesn't show up that well in the picture) and were beautiful sculpts. Note the extra eyes.

Then there were four of these guys (two painted the same and two differently). I arsed around for awhile trying to mimic the colours of Bossk from Empire and finally decided screw it and went with green. I left the skin shiny but the clothes are matt.

Up next: I'm off to Bruce's Tuesday to game and, in the meantime, am putting together an HO scale building. I expect more buildings will follow and I'm enjoying the modelling.


matthewjksullivan said...

Fantastic work! I really love your Nexu -- your painting style gives them so much life and movement. The green skin on the bounty hunters also looks really good. I'm glad I ran across your blog - I've been painting a bunch of the Imperial Assault stuff too, and it's always really cool to see how someone else tackles them.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Matthew--they were nice figures which really helps out a middling painter like me!