Friday, September 18, 2015

Italian WW2 tanks

I'm continuing to sort through the bounty of my trade with Tim in Saskatoon. I decided to deal with the Italians, starting with the armour. The tank on the right is a 1/72-scale L6/40 tankette armed with a 20mm cannon. It arrived painted and I matched the rest of the paint scheme to this one. 

In retrospect, a plain beige paint scheme might have been better for the desert. The limited detail on the kits suggested the disruptive scheme. Meh. The tank on the left (above) is a command variant of the M13/40 (I think). It also appears below with a turreted version. These are resin kits although I think I also have a plastic Esci kit somewhere.

Up next: The Italian infantry are just drying and I'll post them in a few days.


tim said...

Nice job! I'm so glad to see this stuff getting painted after it sat in my basement for so many years!

tim said...

I think it was called a Carro Commando - and yes it's a turretless command variant.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Tim. I'm enjoying the painting. Damned, there are a lot of British airborne!

DeanM said...

Interesting tanks - I like the camo work too.