Monday, September 28, 2015

1/72-scale WW2 British airborne

I pulled out some more of the figures I got from Tim this summer. There was a big collection of painted and unpainted WW2 British airborne so I decided to take a run at getting these ready.

I started with the painted metal figures. There were enough for 22 four-man bases. These fellows were all painted so all I did was de-base and then re-base. The integral basis plus the remains of Tim's basing meant I ended up with some thick ground cover!

There were also a bunch of painted and unpainted 1/72-scale plastics. I am basing these up as singles for casualty tracking. The painted ones are just about finished rebasing while I have just started painting the rest to match (which is a fun challenge).

I also have two six pounder ATGs and a command stand to rebase.

Up next: Hard to say: some two pounder ATGs for the desert are almost done plus I have a bunch more of the airborne in various stages It is also club night this week.