Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Some French Artillery for Memoir

I plan to continue my Memoir 40 campaign at the club in October and needed some French artillery. I was at the Sentry Box this summer and found a HaT set of French 75mm guns (WW1, but close enough). Four guns for $20 seemed like a good deal.

This kit is a bit of a miss for HaT. It is cast with really soft plastic which is a bit of a pain to glue. Fortunately, the gun assembly itself is very simple (unlike some of the Napoleonic cannon kits I've struggled with in the past). The box was supposed to come with six gunners for each gun, each with a different pose. For whatever reason, HaT doubled up on the guy feeding shells into the breach.

The problem is that there are no shells provided. Yeah, I could make some, but for $20, you'd think the kit would come with them. I suspect they were on the one-third of each sprue that was removed from the box. This third likely held the horses the set was originally designed for (I know there were horses originally because the riders are still in the box). I didn't make the other half of the gun carriage as there was no room on the base for it. Overall, these guys well do just fine but not a kit I'd recommend.

Up next: I have some WW2 Italian troops and infantry for North Africa almost finished along with some British 2 pounders for the desert. Not sure what comes next. Perhaps rebasing some more of Tim's lovely WW2 figures.