Saturday, September 26, 2015

Amateurs to Arms

Bruce and I got together twice this week to play our way through Amateurs to Arms, an 1812 game he picked up last weekend at the Sentry Box. The most obvious difference between this game and others 1812 games we've played is that the whole of the US is in play. 

This means Indian rebellion in the deep south, blockades, Florida, New Orleans, and the burning of Washington are all possible. Game play is via cards; cards can be played as either operation points or as events. The game hedges more towards simulation, but was pretty quick to play (maybe 5 hours including learning curve).

There are some interesting features on the beautiful map, including Indian trails. We found that we stalled around the Great Lakes. I managed to push south from Kingston and towards Albany.

Bruce reversed a second thrust down Lake Champlain and the captured Montreal. I burned Washington in retaliation when troops came available after the defeat of Napoleon. Variable game end as war weariness on each side mounts. Our game ended in a draw. It was a fun game and I'd happily play again.

Up next: Some British paratroops.


Scott M said...

That's a beautiful board.

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, lovely. Confusing at first but the important features make themselves apparent as you play.