Friday, June 13, 2014

Some 20mm Romans

A couple of days of rain kept me off the bike and out of the garden so some painting got done! Awhile back the fellows at TMP suggested I look to Irregular for a few command figures to fill out my Strelets 1/72-scale Romans.

These arrived quickly as usual and I put together three bases. They fit in nicely with the plastics (on either side in the picture above). I gave one fellow a purple cloak (in case I ever need a CnC).

The figures are meant to form up in a line. They have very nice detail in the wolf skins.

I also ordered the two war machines I need for the various Roman scenarios.

Up next: I still have some late Roman cavalry. I am slowly starting to pick up stuff for my 2014/15 project: Memoir '44 (well, Memoir '40) in 1/72-scale. If the weather turns, Iw ill start to assemble a couple of these guys. I'd like to up the level of detail in my painting since the project is relatively small. We also have the club on Tuesday night. 


Phil said...

Great work on these Romans!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. they are now ready for epic CCA!