Sunday, June 1, 2014

MayDay WW2 AAR

The first Saturday is May is the local club's annual MayDay convention. This year, Justin put in a huge WW2 game in 15mm pulled from an old Wargamer's Digest.

Each player received a copy of the map, a command roster, data sheet and their orders. Each player's orders included dated (i.e., misleading) information. For the Germans, it was that the recon elements had not yet seen any US forces as they reconnoitred south of the river before turning east and going off board (although they mentioned hearing engine sounds to the south). The fellow in the blue short is standing on the German base-line.

The Germans orders were to force a crossing of the river and capture a road junction about three feet south of the river for a minor victory. A major victory would occur if they captured the junction plus got the equivalent of a company in good order off the far southeast edge of the table.

The US recon information indicated that they had run into a small German supply column south of the river and had destroyed it. The US forces were also informed that the bridge at Neuberg(town in the photo above) had been blown by retreating US forces. The US orders were to prevent a German bridgehead on the south side of the river for a marginal victory and for a major victory they were to create their own bridgehead on the north side of the river.

The Germans deployed first and were surprised to find that the US forces were so far forward. Nevertheless, the Germans stuck to their plan of rushing to Neuburg to use the ford and repairing the bridge to create their own crossing. A supporting/diversionary attack consisting of elements of the truck-borne panzer grenadiers supported by a company of combat engineers and the AA section (burning, below) moved on the second ford.

Unsure of the opposition (all unspotted stands were just a numbered blind), the German attack slowed down as they worked to position themselves for the crossings. The first attempt at crossing at Neuburg saw a company of panzer grenadiers, on foot, rush the remaining structure of the bridge. A company of Panthers kept watch. However, a platoon of US infantry supported by a MMG made the crossing suicidal, but were forced to retreat under tank fire.

The Germans then reorganized their crossing forces and then cautiously advanced recon elements on foot across the bridge at Neuburg. Using the recon elements to expose the forward US forces, they were better able to ascertain the threat and call in artillery on identified positions. The German forces then made another push at Neuburg using smoke and artillery to cover the work of their engineers on the ford and get a company of infantry across the river. The cracks in the defence were beginning to show.

At the other ford, the German and US forces trade fire across the river with the German AA company being destroyed, but the US infantry began to melt away. Here too, the Germans began to gain the upper hand and slowly get across the river.

As the German's artillery began to take its toll on the defenders, the 1st Panther company crossed the river followed by more panzer grenadiers. With the US infantry battalion falling to pieces, the tank battalion of CCR arrived and began to counter attack the forming German bridgehead.

It was at this point that the game ended with a marginal German victory based on casualty counts.

Up next: I have some late Roman cavalry underway and just got an order of 20mm metals to create Roman command and artillery stands. I'm also hoping to get a game in with Bruce on Wednesday.

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