Sunday, October 20, 2013

New 1/72-scale Indians

Awhile back, Dave and I did a "my junk for your junk" trade and I ended up with a mix of 1/72-scale Indians and Celts. The Indians are HaT and looked intriguing enough that I picked up a few more boxes on clearance to flesh out a CCA battle and then bolster some successor armies.

There were seven foot (I see a bowman snuck into this picture). Knowing nothing about ancient Indians, I guessed at a lot of stuff. There were also four bowmen (most below) and enough extras for a command base. The banner is kind of lame--I just didn't have the energy to be creative.

There were two chariots. I'm pretty unimpressed with my work on these. They'll do, and all, but not my best work. Just kind of uninspiring. This happens!

The cavalry turned out better. I am using the guys holding umbrella as standard bearers--I may change this if I get a second wind. The parasols make no sense--I just needed a quick way to denote some commanders.

The cavalry had nice animation. Apologies for the soft photos (still struggling with the new camera) but I managed to get a sharp picture below. Nice sculpts!

Up next: Some 1/72-scale reinforcements for the NWMP are primed and awaiting paint. Then maybe some more Indians. Bruce has also offered to run a game of Europe Engulfed on Tuesday.


fireymonkeyboy said...

Nice! I've ogled this set on PSR, but this is the first time I've seen it painted up.


Bob Barnetson said...

The sculpting looked a little chunky in the raw but painted up very nicely. Looking forward to seeing he elephants when they arrive.