Monday, October 28, 2013


A snowy weekend found me back at the painting bench with more Riel Rebellion types underway. I added some firepower for our American cousins with three cannons (a fourth awaits basing). These are figures from an old game.

Apologies for the still-soft photos. I'm getting better with my borrowed camera but it is a tricky thing to manipulate. Below are some samples of the 28 additional Canadians I painted. Most I painted as NWMP but I did a couple of units in khaki. These could be green militia units sent as reinforcements (different uniforms means easier differentiation on the table).

Up next: I have a game scheduled with Bruce tomorrow night. On the painting bench are some 1/72-scale Indian elephants that I hope to finish tonight. Following them are 48 foot troops to flesh out the rest of the Indian army. Then maybe some ancient Germans.

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