Wednesday, October 30, 2013

5150 Space Combat

Bruce hosted a game of 5150 (by Two Hour Wargames) last night wherein the brave defenders of Earth (below) had to hold off an invasion force. Alas, the Earthling's commander appears to have been selected for his good looks, rather than his tactical abilities..

The invasion force was of higher class, but lower quality, ships and the basically steamrollered the defenders. Things started badly when I launched my fighters prematurely. Bruce then cleaned out most of my fighters and missile ships before they got in range. The subsequent gunfire was a bit one-sided.

A neat mechanic for moving asteroids and nebula. And towards the end we started to see some interesting things with the damage tables (ships losing morale and bugging out). But it was a lot of dice rolling. Overall, a decent game but Full Thrust is more engaging--more complex movement decisions and slicker combat mechanics. Below you can see the Earthlings fleeing to regroup.

Up next: Some 1/72 Indians elephants are almost finished basing. And I have a rush job on some 15mm  Panthers for a FoW tourney next weekend! Plus we have club on Tuesday night.


Desert Scribe said...

Always glad to see people playing Star Navy! Thanks for this report, and the spaceships look great. BTW, who makes that ship in the bottom right corner of the last photo?

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. No idea on he ships. These are Bruce's and hail from many years ago.