Thursday, September 5, 2013

1/72 Plains Indians

One of my longer-term projects is a series of games based upon the Canadian Northwest (Riel Rebellions, Monroe Doctrine, etc). So far I've done some NWMP and some American 7th Cavalry. What I needs, though, is some locals.

There is a dearth of suitable 1/72 Metis figures (although BUM has released a few kits on this theme). As I mull suitable substitutions, I knocked off some Plains Indians. These fellows (47 foot and two mounted) are from Revell's "Indians" kits.

Nice enough figures and easy to paint. Very active poses and a good mix of weapons. Not sure what the guy second from the left below is doing (did he get shot? try out his pose and see the reason for my query).

Up next: Some more 1/72-scale 7th cavalry, this time on foot with paint conversions of some Imex ACW union troops. Then perhaps, back to Imperial Rome.


Paul´s Bods said...

They look very good. The miniart germanics...some of them could make good vikings/saxons.

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, absolutely!

wcw said...

What colors do you use for the indian skin tones? Thanks

Bob Barnetson said...

I use a butterscotch base colour, a very small highlight with a peach-flesh colour and the a darkening wash to mute the highlights and shift the whole colour down a few shades.