Tuesday, September 3, 2013

1/72 Germanic foot

These fellows are the rest of the MiniArt 1/72 4th-century Germanic warrior box.

There are 20 foot in five poses in this box. Not a bad selection with only a few shields to attach.

These guys would do well for late Roman opponents, mercenaries or dark age troops. These guys will serve as Germans and mercenary warriors in and against my Imperial Romans for CCA. The fellow throwing the spear would be a useful light troop.

Buddy with the sword and the guy with the spear and shield look Arthurian to me while the other three could be Saxons.

Below I have compared the MiniArt and Strelets Germans I have (Strelets are the centre two). Strelets are a bit chunkier and less refined but I think they'll serve well enough together.

Up next: Some 1/72-scale American Indians for a Riel Rebellion game I'm working on.

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