Wednesday, June 19, 2013

EWG June 18

We had 11 guys out last night and four games ran. I did not get pictures of the 28mm Warmachines or the 1/600 Hammerin' Iron game. I did snap some shots of a Napoleonic game using a mixture of 1/72 plastics and old, old 20mm metals.

This was a rematch of the CCN game from last meeting, this time played with LaSalle. The upshot was basically the same outcome--the British couldn't get it going due to the terrain restrictions.

I played a game of CCA against Chen. We played through the Marathon scenario from the first expansion. The first game was close for the Persians after the Greek left disintegrated. But then suddenly the Greek right arrived and beat us to smithereens. 6-4 Greeks and a historical win.

We switches sides and I was looking forward to payback. But I could not kill Chen's units. Oh, the Greeks could beat the heck out of the Persians, but then they ran away (aren't the Greeks supposed to do the running in this scenario?)! Eventually the Persians won 6-5 or 6-4 (I was too distraught to remember clearly). Grrr! Good gaming from Chen, my willy, orange-julius-fueled opponent.

Up next: I have some 1/72-scale ancient Germans under way. If soccer gets rained out tonight I may spend some time blocking in some tunic and pant colours tonight.

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