Friday, June 14, 2013

1/72 7th Cavalry

Earlier this spring, I painted up a bunch of 1/72 NWMP for an 1885 game set on the Canadian prairie. This project continues to lumber along in the background and I have several boxes of plastics to paint up. One of the what-ifs I wanted to explore was a Monroe doctrine theme ("Me kon is Yukon").

Enter the US 7th Cavalry (leave your carbines with the constable...). These are Italeri US ACW union troops but they are close enough. Too many kepis but what can you do? Nice figures and maybe also workable for the Fenian raids (colours are wonky and too uniform, but who would know that locally...).

There were 15 mounted troops in this box and two dismounted. I didn't paint the horses for the dismounted fellows but they will do as foot soldiers. Need to pick up some foot and artillery anyhow (maybe some of them HaT Gatling guns!).

These fit in okay with the NWMP I have done. The Italeri are a bit bigger and a bit better sculpted but not enough to be bothered about. Mostly looks like a 1/76 vs 1/72 issue. Must now find some Indian figures I like.

Up next: Some 1/72 MiniArt Germans are primed and some paint has gone on. And it is club night on Tuesday.

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