Tuesday, June 4, 2013

1/72 Celts

Today 24 Strelet's Celts have rolled off the production line. These fellows are part of my miniaturizing Commands and Colors Ancients project.

Overall, nice figures but with a fair bit of flash to clean up. The figures are a bit two-dimensional. To off-set that, there are a couple of poses in this set (more come tomorrow) with separate weapons. These have more depth but tend to be very perpendicular (if that makes any sense).

That said, I like the beefy nature of these figures to the thinner poses of, say, HaT--they remind me of metals and go well with some MiniArt Germans I just primed. Nothing wrong with Hat--I have a couple boxes of those to paint up as well.

Up next: The rest of these Celts are being based. And I have some more 1/72 that is primed and ready to paint, including some US 7th Cavalry and some ancient Germans.


Solo wargaming-on a budget! said...

You have done a fine job of these! Strelets produce good figures. Well done, I really like your work.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks kindly. Yes, the strelet's stuff is nice. I think it mixed well with mini art. NOt so much with some of the thinner sculpts but there are likely some good metals that would mix in.

Argenta-2008 said...

Very nice and lively painting. I agree, Strelets can be good, just avoid mixing them with thinner figures.

By the way, they are Ancient Germans, not Celts :) .