Wednesday, June 2, 2010

June 1 EWG Games Night

It was the club last night and we had about 11 guys out, including newcomer John (I think?).

Chen and Justin played a game of Chain Reaction while four guys played Warmachine.

Dave and Scott played a grudge match of Impetus, with Scott pitting his Macedonians against Dave's Romans. Scott's elephant looked cool but didn't do a very good job for him!

This was the situation when I left but I understand Scott eked out a draw (good work!).

Andy and I played a bit of Full Thrust Star Trek. Game one was a straight up fight with many small ships versus a few big ones. I got into a turning fight with the damned klingons and got blown to pieces (KHAAAAAAN!). Stupid tactics on my part. Then we played a scenario where I played the Klingons, bravely flying through the asteroid belts and still got shot to pieces. Andy almost walked home!

Up next: I have a bunch of 28mm skeletons based and ready to shoot. Perhaps I'll try to build the remaining legionnaires for my Marian 28mm DBA army this weekend.