Monday, June 28, 2010

28mm DBA: Death or Glory

I braved rain and lightening to drop by Dave's last night to have my Marian Romans crushed 3-0 by his Gallic hordes. This was the first time my 28mm Romans had been out and it was not a good night!

The low aggression of the Gallic army allowed them to pick the battlefield and populate it with terrain.

I tried to stay compact to keep my hitting force together and hopefully engage him piecemeal.

But the terrain was a nightmare for the blades; I just don't know how to fight like this. What a shellacking!

Up next: Some 28mm dwarves and some 15mm AWI are primered and ready to get painted this afternoon.



Dave said...

I think the early Imperial Romans with 4 Aux are a better army for this reason, all those Marian blades struggle in bad going. Plus there seemed to be plenty of Gallic pips when needed last night, and quite a few 6s in melee.

Wailslake said...

"I just don't know how to fight like this."

I can imagine the Roman commander screaming that in the middle of the battle!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Better to fight a stand or two in the terrain than to fight while out flanked. Something to think about. Also I see you backing up your blades with your PS. Better to let the blades take their chances against the cavalry and put the PS on the flanks in the terrain. The warbands cant kill the PS, so they make excellent flank guards.

Dave said...

The +1 rear support from Ps is very valuable against Wb, and it is still effect in bad going.

But another idea is to deploy the psiloi in front of your battle line to break up the warbands, your Ps recoil or flee through your lines, then counter-attack pursuing Wb stands at higher odds.

The Ps are clearly very important for the Romans in this kind of match-up. Never enough of them.

Bob Barnetson said...

Good ideas I quite like the 2Ps in front. A nice way to get a 6 on 1 (or 4 on 1 in bad going) on the lead Wb (assuming the gallic player doesn't push forward a series of columns moving independently and simply overlap the crap out of the Ps.