Sunday, June 20, 2010

28mm Marian Roman DBA army finished!

Yes, the blog has been quiet for awhile as gardening, building a garage and some work angst has intervened in my life. But I have been painting a bit and finally finished a 28mm all option Marian (and Polybian) Roman DBA army using only 28mm plastics.

To complete this project I needed to knock off another three bases of legion (4Bd).

The detail that can be pulled out of these plastics is really good.

I also needed to do a base of 4Ax.

Here is the fully army, ready to rumbled with all options.

And a tighter shot. I just need to make a camp and a measuring stick and I'm ready to go!

Up next: I have a skeletal HoTT army I need to flock the bases on to finish. There are several more bases that need painting but I can field at least 24AP with the finished pieces so I'm going to move onto a small dwarf army I got on ebay. And there are some 15mm AWI figures coming in for painting for a friend in the US. Now off to help my wife explain to my daughter how Einstein and Frankenstein are unrelated.


Dale said...

> Now off to help my wife explain to my daughter
> how Einstein and Frankenstein are unrelated.

Wait a minute ... what?!? We need a blog entry on this news!

Figures look great. You really grind out the figures and with quality.

Bob Barnetson said...

Yes, the mind of a child is a wild place! They both have "stein" as the "last" name so they must be related, right?

Thanks--yes making major progress again on painting after a month of distractions.

Anonymous said...

I just found your blog. I really like DBA 3.0 played in 28mm. I guess the downside is that you might have fewer armies- but they are truly stunning in 28mm. Very nice work!

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks kindly for your note. Yes, 28mm makes for pretty armies. I think the only DBA/HoTT armies I have in 28mm these days are some Star Wars armies I put together for HoTT.