Sunday, March 21, 2010

6mm AWI Reinforcements

I managed to crank off about 240 6mm AWI fellows this weekend. Amazing how much time there is on the weekend if you don't work! Among the first to roll off the assembly line were three bases of grenadiers.

I also did two bases of light troops in campaign hats. Wow, that glue ever still wet!

There were also four bases of cannon: two British and two American. Here is the business end of one of the British bases.

And here is a friendlier view. The earthworks are from Irregular Miniatures. Figures are all Baccus.

Then there was a handful for Americans in floppy hats.

There are about seven bases of these fellows. I think they turned out fairly well and represent irregular formations such as Morgan's riflemen.

And a different angle.

Up next: I have a bunch of 1/76 Confederates to paint as US militia in the War of 1812. Then I'm not sure. I have several 15mm DBA armies to get done and sold this year--perhaps a bunch of Egyptians. Wednesday I have my first game of Washington's War scheduled with Bruce and am off to punch the game out right now!


Scott M said...

I'm struggling with 3 bases of 28mm for BI for the past week and you manage to knock off 240 6mm this weekend. Agh! Great paint job and amazing bases as usual.

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks Scott. I had a lot of work-related angst to work out so was quite focused on ranting in my head and hardly noticed the time passing. 6mm are pretty impressionistic anyhow--one flick of the tip and you have painted an entire army. Repeat 240 times.