Saturday, September 16, 2023

Wrath of Khan Klingons

To go with the ST:TMP Federation Crew that I showed last week, I bought a 1982 set of Klingons that FASA released at the same time. 

These were really disappointing figures. Much like last week's set, they are very passively posed. The exceptions include the guy swinging a rifle (below right). His pose is anatomically possible but is extremely difficult to pull off.

The other animated pose (below right) is the fellow who is knocking, or leaning, or maybe dancing? Terrible pose. Like what the hell?

The sculpts have pretty good detail that matches the ST:TMP Klingons from The Search for Spock and they paint up fine enough.

They are, however way under sized for 25mm. Below, I have compared them to the 1970s 25mm Heritage Klingons and modern 28mm (Space Vixens from Mars, I think). Even with the extra height from the slotta base, the FASA figure is shorter and much smaller than the Heritage and looks more 20mm.

Oddly, they are even small compared to the Federation Crew from the same release. They came in a sealed set and included proper markings on the base so I don't think they are recasts (which sometimes shrink). Just a terrible effort by FASA all around.

Up next: Hard to say. Maybe some more Crimean. Maybe some fantasy.

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