Saturday, September 23, 2023

Wizard, Kobold, Slime

This summer, Chen and I arranged a fruitful "your junk for my junk" trade and I ended up with a collection of fantasy figures to go with the dungeon tiles I bought off of Terry last year (or two years ago?). 

I decided to go with a bright-and-cheery approach to painting these, since the terrain (grey tiles on black cloth) would be drab, so everybody got a white primering.

The kobolds, meh? They came out more cheeto than expected. But whatever. The slimes were nice figures, cast in a translucent green plastic. These were both from a kick-starter box of fantasy figures Chen had backed.

He also kindly threw in a couple of Reaper figures, including this wizard. I debated trying to add stars and moons and such to his cloak and then figured a low-level wizard wouldn't have the dosh for that kind of embroidery.

I was happy with how his spell book and familiar turned out.

Overall, not a bad start. The dungeon tiles really popped with an additional dry brushing.

Next up: Either more Crimean cavalry or some more fantasy dudes.


William Bailie said...

Cheeto is a good shade for kobolds, makes me think 1st edition AD&D. :)

Ikea colours for the wiz also look great!

Chen-song said...

They look great! I'm glad you got some use out of those miniatures.