Saturday, March 4, 2023

Star Wars and Cobra

I'm continuing to work my way through a bunch of Star Wars Imperial Assault figures. 

Today I have three, based as per the owner's request. Lando is nice and painted as per the movie stills. Ben is also fairly dynamic. Luke is so-so.

I happened to have a Luke from Star Wars: Legions to illustrate the scale differences between the two games. The Legions figure is on the left below while the Imperial Assault figure is on the right. I used a washer to adjust for the thinner Imperial Assault bases.

I also finished a figure from Hasslefree miniatures as the Baroness. I was short a leader figure for my Cobra army and she was one the few characters I could remember from the cartoon beyond Destro and Cobra Commander.

I'm going to call that army finished. There are enough figures to skirmish with and buying anything more (e.g., HISS tank) is stupid expensive.

Up next Some board gaming figures and more Star Wars.

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