Saturday, March 11, 2023

Secrets of the Lost Tomb figures

A fellow asked me to paint the figures he got with the boardgame Secrets of the Lost Tomb. There were 15 plastics figures in the set and they are pretty typical 1930s pulp figures.

They are fairly thin sculpts with soft details. I painted them up to match the character cards.

The sculpts are a mixed bag. Some are quite nice, some are a bit off in their pose or proportions. For game tokens, they are pretty cool.

I picked a couple of 28mm Pulp Figures off my shelf to compare. The game tokens are a bit shorter than 28s and thinner. Akin to 1970s 25mm, I'd say.

They are a bit bigger than 1/72s but hav proportions that match them. Overall, an interesting diversion.

Up next: More Star Wars, I think.

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