Saturday, July 16, 2022

Last night on Earth, Part 1

A friend gave me a bunch of figures from the boardgames Last Night on Earth to paint up. This is the first batch. I base the paint jobs on the game cards but the crds show portraits so I had to guess a bit the rest of each outfit. I see some of the bases need tidying before I return them. 

Above we have Billy (the sheriff's son with a flare gun and gas can), Becky the nurse (I may have mixed this figure up with a waitress--it was very hard to tell), Sally the high school sweetheart, and Jenny the farm girl,

Then Father Joseph, Deputy Taylor, Doc Brody, and Mr Hyde, the shop teacher with dynamite and a can of butane to light it with (great figure).

There is Johnny the quarterback, Jake Cartwright the drifter (one of a small number of duplicated figures, I assume from expansion pack), Jeb the mechanic (super happy with how his understated paint job came out), and Sheriff Anderson (another duplicated figure).

Finally, we have Stacy the TV reporter, Mr Goddard the chemistry teacher (hilariously carrying a fire extinguisher), Victor the escaped con and Jade the school outsider (again, happy with her paint job--dark but not too dark). Next week, I'll have the second batch of these fellow.

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Terry Silverthorn said...

I often do the same Bob, & would like it if all figures images were full to totally show how I should paint the model to match the cards. I also painted these guys some years ago for a fellow gaming friend.