Saturday, July 9, 2022

Circus figures

I'm painting some board gaming pieces for a friend. These circus performers look to be from the same company that did Last Night on Earth (maybe an expansion?). The figures are quite tall (or elongated) compared to the usually 28mm fare.

The character cards give you a profile picture to work from but the rest of the outfit one just has to imagine. First up was Cassidy the trickshooter and Angelica the bearded lady.

Then Carl the strongman and Hannah the firebreather. I was particularly happy with the glassy look I got on Hannah's bottle.

Then R.J. Flanagan the ringmaster and JoJo the dancing bear. Not sure why JoJo looks like she is wearing sunglasses. Just the lighting in the shot, I think.

And finally Lucretia the contortionist and Archibald the human cannonball. Basing as per requested.

Up next: A bunch of figures from Last Night on Earth.

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