Saturday, September 18, 2021

ST:VGR crew

So continuing last week's post about converting some 25mm ST:TNG monopoly tokens, I had a number of figures left over. I painted Guinan as was (since I didn't her). The remainder, I converted into the beginnings of a ST:VGR crew

I converted Troy into Janeway by scraping down Troy's uniform and giving Janeway full coverage with some modelling putty. Clearly, the Perry brothers are in no danger of being replaced.

I then cut off Troy's hair, smoothed the back of the figure, etched the uniform line in, and added the big Janeway 'doo. Overall, not terrible.

Riker became Chakotay by having his beard filed off, some paint colour reversals, and bit of tiny face tattooing (involving a lot of swearing). This was probably the most successful conversion.

Jordi became Tom Paris by scraping of the visor and the modelling a face and big playboy hair. 

Paris looks better in person but obviously I need some practice with faces!

Crusher posed problems because of her lab coat. But B'Elanna work a smock in two seasons (one to cover the actress's pregnancy and one because the character was pregnant). So Crusher became B'Elanna by filing off Crusher's bangs and adding some brow ridges. I also re-positioned her arm a bit. The ridges are easiest to see in person (kind of washed out here). 

I need a few more figures (Doctor, Kim, Tuvok, Seven, maybe Nelix) to complete the crew so I'll keep my eyes open for another set of figures. 

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