Saturday, September 4, 2021

Generic army dudes

I did not quite get the basing done on the Star Trek figures I've been working on (just ran out drying time) so, instead, here are 17 generic modern special forces and/or sci-fi ground pounders/space marines. 

There are 28mm plastics from the Terminator game from a few years back (although the figure above is a resin character figure). Jonathan kindly passed this box onto me.

The box comes with four sprues. Each sprue has four bodies. Three of the bodies have inter-changeable arms and weapons. The fourth body just has a couple of choices of different arms.

I mixed and matched as best I could to avoid same-same poses. I think these guys would do for grunts in a GI Joe army. Or any kind near future or sci-fi setting.

I have another box of these to build. i was thinking of doing them in grey jump suits along the line of the MACOS in the later seasons of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Up next: Some ST:DS9 28mm.