Saturday, July 10, 2021

Job lot of sci-fi

I'm on vacation this week and trying to be outdoors so only a few figures to show. First up is a mech guy Terry 3-D printed and gifted me.

This guy is big (28mm Pulp Figure archaeologist for scale, also new). I'm not sure on the scale of the print--not quite 54mm. Probably most useful as a sci-fi terrain piece statue?

I also knocked off a 54mm Mr. Spock. I see I slopped some gold braid (#$!*&^$) so will need to go back and tidy that.

This completes my TOS crew (I also have a different Kirk and a Pike, not show).

Up next: Some more 3mm WW2, I think.


Terry Silverthorn said...

Ya I think he printed out more at 1/32 vs 28mm. Still working on the scaling. The slicers don't have a measure tool apart from the x,y,z values. Of course those values don't mean much when your aiming for an approx 35mm height on a 'Man Sized figure' & they are standing in a big loader bot!

Simon Quinton said...

Those all look great, Love the big mech guy. Perhaps he has to wear the suit due to the size of his body and it not being able to support himself.