Saturday, July 17, 2021

3mm terrain and tanks

I managed a bit of painting among short vacation trips this week. I needed some objective markers so I thought these oases might be fun to try. These are 3mm palm trees and painted up well (after some farting about getting them glued down).

While they are listed as 3mm trees, they are really a bit more like 6mm items. For example, each trunk is thicker than the diameter of a Honey turret. Workable and all, though.

I also finished off the British vehicles I purchased. There are five bases of each type below, including Stuarts, Morris trucks, and universal carriers and A-13s, Grants, and Sherman IIs.

I also did some bases of 25 pounders. I've zoomed in to try and show off the crews (look for the helmets).

 Up next: Some 25mm star Trek and maybe then some 3mm British infantry.

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Simon Quinton said...

Wow those vehicles are so tiny! Great job!