Saturday, August 1, 2020

WEG Star Wars

Today, I have some 25mm West End Games Star Wars figures finished up. I have a tray of these on the paint table, patiently waiting for me to care about them.

I grabbed a selection of Tatooine figures, including a Jawa, three cantina band members, and a figure that is either the bartender in Mos Eisely or Uncle Owen (offering up a glass of blue milk) or a Luke if he stayed one more season non-canonical figure.

I received two metal speeder bikes in the lot I bought last fall. These needed some work (control levers were missing and mounting posts were also gone). After a lot of experimenting with clear plastic rod and wire (all unsuccessful), I eventually decided to just use two roofing nails to suspend them. The bikes more or less scale to the micro machines I have been using.

Up next: Some more star Wars monopoly figures.

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