Saturday, August 8, 2020

Monopoly Star Wars figures

So I bought some pewter 25mm Star Wars figures on eBay. They were sold to me as Monopoly figures, but they didn't match the original trilogy images I had seen on online (which looked like West End Games figures). After some searching, it turns out these are from a 2004 re-release.

The figures are about 25mm tall but are quite a lot thinner than West End Games figures (more of a 20mm plastics vibe). 

I've pair two of the figures with their WEG counterparts (flanking them). Obviously different sculpts. The wash created an unfortunate Space Hitler effect on Grand Moff Tarkin. The tusken raider looks like he is installing a tail pipe.

Up next: Not sure what is next. Perhaps some random stuff I need to finish up.

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