Saturday, April 18, 2020

More bridge crew

Painting multiples (yay, job lot on eBay) is interesting. The Data's below are the same figure, presumably out of the same mold, but have different faces.

As cool as I thought he STTNG uniforms were in 1989, they don't look as cool as the DSP/Voyager era outfits. Apologies for the glare--I used a matt finish but there are some weird light effects going on.

And William Riker, lover, action hero, better in slimming black.

Apologies for the soft focus--not sure what happened there.

Up next: Maybe some solo gaming. A 28mm D&D figure is almost done. Then some more 54mm STTNG. Then maybe some 28mm zombies and 54mm AWI.

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William Bailie said...

Isn't the soft focus thing SOP in ST?