Saturday, April 25, 2020

Last Star Trek for awhile

These will, I promise, be the last of the 54mm Star Trek for awhile. I have some 28mm zombies on the table right now and some 28mm Star Wars monopoly pieces (yes, really) ready to prime.

Today, I finished off the STTNG figures I have with Troi, Guynan, and Crusher.

These pictures are just terrible and make the faces look appalling. They look much better in real life. No idea what is going on but I wonder if the matt finish if playing tricks on the camera?

Anyhow done for now.

I also finished off a Sulu!

Still no gaming for the foreseeable future so I hope to make a dent in the last box of zombicide that I have (the prison expansion). I'm going to give the Zeds a go now and save the characters for Zomtober.

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