Tuesday, February 18, 2020


An Xmas present was the new co-operative game Horrified, which features the Universal Studios movie monsters. The monsters are represented by plastic miniatures which, of course, cry out for paint! (The other components are cardboard.)

There are seven monsters in the game, although Frankenstein and the Bride operate together (beating them requires teaching them both to love before they meet on the game board).

The figures are a bit bigger than 28mm (Bob Murch Frankenstein for comparison) and the detail is pretty typical of plastic game pieces--okay but not great.

The other villains include wolf man, invisible man, the mummy and the creature from the black lagoon.

These are fine enough sculpts for a boardgames but they are way less dynamic than what we'd consider acceptable in miniatures (horrorclix swamp creature and werewolf for comparison).

I guess these would work with 28mm and 25mm figures. As the embodiment of the terrifying new working class, Frankenstein's monster could well be the big and scary.

The yellow bases were designed to blend in with the game board. It was hard to match the game board (the yellow is variable and I couldn't get a custom blend I was happy with so saffron it is).

The game itself is fun. A bit light but less abstract than, say, Pandemic. Lots of fun for kids of people who don't game much. The painted figures look way better than the plastic mono-colour ones.

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Simon Quinton said...

Love all these classic bad guys great job!