Saturday, March 16, 2019

Model railway swap meet

I haven't had a lot of chance to game these past few weeks with competing demands and a nasty cold. Jess and I did get in a game of Memoir 44. It was an Operation Cobra scenario and she pulled out a win in a tight game.

This morning was the bi-annual model railway swap meet. I picked up a few terrain items for cheap. First up was a $5 HO-scale factory. This needs a coat of spray primer and then some painting.

I also got a meat shop. Nothing special about it except my Gotham lacks buildings that suggest people live there so a food shop was a good deal. Needs dusting, a wash, and some sealing. This was $5?

I got a pair of HO-scale street cars. They need painting but offer an alternative to cars and buses for eco-conscious super villains. They were $5.

This factory was $15. It was a bit pricy but still a deal. Needs a wash and seal. maybe some detailing on the fire escape on the back side. Irritatingly, it was not constructed square (left section needed filing that was not done).

Finally, I got these bits and pieces for $12. The cars are great and a oil tank and coal pile are useful pieces.

Overall, a great haul for $42. I still have three Star Wars figures I'm finishing, some 1812 figures being rebased, and then I'm onto these buildings. There is also a club night this week.


tim said...

Wow! Some pretty amazing finds there!

Terry Silverthorn said...

Argh I forgot about this meet!