Saturday, March 30, 2019

Gangsters and Pete's Meat Shop

Bruce hosted a gangster game, using Chain Reaction 2.0 rules. The gang was trying to move a bunch of bootlegged booze out of its warehouse and off the left side of the board, using a truck.

The more booze Ethel and the boys got off the board, the higher the points for the gangster. Facing them, was the town's corrupt police force, who got points of killing gangsters and capturing booze. The coppers set up on the left side of the table, mounted in a squad car and motorcycle.

As Ethel frantically carried booze out to the truck, the cops put the pedal to the metal. One of the motorcycle riders jumped off and ran after he took some fire from Vinnie while the rest eventually cranked up on a nasty turn ("too fast!"). Sergeant O'Furniture (driving the paddy wagon)  misjudged the movement of the street car!

A miraculous control roll saw him slew the wagon around, parallel to the street car and coppers bailed out to engage Vinnie. O'Toole, O'Shea, and O'Leary opened up on hapless Vinnie.

Other coppers advanced in the shadow of the street car only to get caught in the open in a nasty back-and-forth firefight with gangsters in the warehouse windows. Eventually, the gangsters withdrew from the fight but they had bought Ethel lots of time.

She jammed the old truck into gear and started to end run the cops. Sergeant O'Furniture jumped back in the wagon and tried to block her path with the rest of the boys peppering the truck with rounds.

Ethel managed to avoid losing control and just barely squeezed past the cops for a victory.

I've also been doing a bit of painting. I took the best building I picked up at the model train swap meet, did some detail work and dry brushing and then washed and sealed it.

Pete's Meat appears to cater to a speciality crowd! Only the finest cuts.

Up next: A huge rancor and some more buildings are underway. And it is club night on Tuesday.

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