Tuesday, January 15, 2019

54mm AWI and 33mm Star Wars

So a bit of an odds-and-sods post today. I finished off a 54mm AWI Prussian General. This figure is from an old kids play set so the detail is a touch thin. And basing it (no integral base? on a kids play set? really? ) was a real hassle. That is probably why he sat on the painting table half finished for two years.

I'm moving into a small commission. A fellow I did some Imperial Assault figures for in 2015 asked me to paint some expansions to match. I started on the Heart of the Empire expansion and first up are three heroes.

I'm a bit out of the loop on Star Wars but this lady wookie had cool goggles and a lot of demolition charges.

Then there is Star Wars Wolverine with some kind of impractical hand weapon. Clearly no match for a blaster.

And finally Big Headed lady who actually seems toknow what she is doing. All are painted to match the cards that came with the expansion.

Up next are a selection of imperial troops.


Strategist Ultima Oriente said...

Star Wars minis are perfect? Where you get them? From some Board game perhaps?

Bob Barnetson said...

Thanks. these are all from various Imperial Assault board game expansions.