Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Tell me where the rubble base is...".

I spent some time this weekend finishing up more of this Star Wars commission and I'm past the half-way point and on schedule.

First up are three pairs of imperial officers and probe droids. Above is a woodlands base and below is a sand base. I'm still fiddling with the lighting (this is better) but the light has colour shifted the tunics a bit towards light grey.

This pair includes a "black" shirted officer (more charcoal). I see (as I look through the snaps) that I have some tidying up of the sides of bases to do.

A pair of scout troopers on different bases (indoor and rubble).

Lord Vader. I fiddled with different finishes (shiny helmet, dull outfit) and light effects (painted sabre white then red to get a luminous effect then hit it was gloss sealer and then did some reflected light washes on his cape).

And Luke. The lighting has overstated the highlighting on his face and washed out the linen colour of his blouse (versus the pure what of his belt).

Up next: I'm off to Bruce's to game on Tuesday then back for more Star Wars. Probably some heroes followed by the last of the creatures. I'm not sure what comes next painting wise--some more WW2?

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