Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Shapeshifters, Cloud City Guards and pulp vehicles

A job lot of stuff rolled off the production line this week. First up are some more Imperial Assault expansion pack figures for this commission.

These four figures are shape-shifters from the Clone Wars movie. I don't really recall this film, but what I do remember (from playing Lego Wii Star Wars with the kid) is these shapeshifters have something to do with how Kenobi gets to the Boba Fett factory with the weird long-necked ladies.

Beyond the skin colour (green-yellow), there is no canonical look for these figures, so I went with bright and varied clothes and on two different bases. Apparently they can shape-shift their clothes as well so who knows what they might actually wear when going out to the bar or getting groceries.

I'm pretty happy with the faces (above)--this seems to match the images I could find. Then onto the Cloud City pack with some of the guards.

I'm pretty happy with these guys. Simple uniform, simple bases, nicely brought out with some washes.

I have more of these guys plus some ugnaughts and heroes drying before moving onto a Tatooine expansion. To break things up, I painted a few HO-scale vehicles I picked up at a flea market to populate the streets of Gotham.

This die-cast school bus had a crazy Monopoly tie-in paint job (???) so I had to start again. Good enough (my Gotham layout is pretty gritty) and it fits in with the HO-scale stuff I have.

I also picked up an low-rider car. It is a touch too big scale-wise but I'm not that fussy.

Next up is more Star Wars plus maybe some additional resin and 3-D printed terrain for Gotham.


Terry Silverthorn said...

I like the green bus! Will be watching for a 28mm version!

Bob Barnetson said...

An HO-scale plastic model. It was a terrible pain to put together!