Saturday, September 23, 2017

EWG: Tricorne

Tuesday night was club night. We had two games running and ten guys, including newcomer Deryk, old-timer Guy (plus son Alex) and sorta newcomer Taylor. We could have used another game but such is how it goes!

After a quick re-read of the rules after work, I brought out Commands& Colors Tricorne for a first go. We played Blemis Heights (the intro scenario) twice as we got a feel for the rules and the differences. The board was bigger: no conclusions about the effect of the extra depth but we did have retreats go all the way to the back of the board. And it was harder to bring reserves to bear.

Game 1 saw the British attempt to push on both flanks. This was not successful (reflecting the lack of combat power that the British had). The Hessian grenadiers were pretty successful on the left flank (especially after being reinforced).

But the Americans moved their line up and basically broke the British into pieces and attritted them through rally failures. This was a good manipulation of the rally mechanics by the Americans and the rally mechanic was a high point of the first few games. The Americans also aggressively used their combat cards.

After a 7-4 American win, we reset and switched. This time the Americans refused the left flank and aggressively attacked on the right and then the centre (learning from the last game).

This, combined with terrible dice by the British, was pretty successful and picked the Brits apart again. I wonder (in retrospect) if both sides should use their commanders a bit differently and if that would help the British be more competitive? Again, 7-3 Americans. I look forward to trying a more complex scenario.

Chen and Taylor played two games of Dragon Rampant. About the only thing I recall was Chen rolling an astounding nine 1's with 12 dice! Yikes!

We had room for more games even though there were lots of other guys there. Thanks again to Red Claw for hosting our group.

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