Saturday, May 6, 2017

1754 at the club

We had a dozen guys out at club this week, with two new fellows. Dave hosted a game of Pikeman's lament in 28mm.

Kevin and Elliot were playing something I hadn't seen before (can't recall them name). Cool terrain.

I hosted Scott, Craig and Jessy in a game of 1754. Below I believe Scott is saying "I'm going to go stand outside while you roll the dice, Craig."

We had a very interesting game. Some early action in the Ohio valley and at the bottom of Lake Ontario.

Then there was a bit of a tussle in Nova Scotia and the Chesapeake.

The "best" move of the game (I think) was Jessy's suggestion that we bag the second British colonial deployment area (which Scott had moved south to Albany). Keeping both of these form him meant he could not access his fled units or reinforcements which really hamstrung the Brits in mid-game.

They shifted forces around in Nova Scotia and we traded territories. In the end, I don't we played Nova Scotia optimally but I'm not sure what we should have done differently.

We then decided to end the game and made a bug push. At which point Scott and Craig freed up Albany, dropped a tonne of white troops onto the board and got enough victory points to win. A nail biter!

Overall, a very fun play against cagey opponents.

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