Saturday, March 4, 2017

Aurelian and Punic Wars

It has been a busy week, including a fairly spectacular fall on the ice that has left me hobbled (nothing major just a swollen knee so I can neither pedal nor clutch). But before that happened, I managed to get out to Bruce's to continue our Aurelian/Punic Wars campaign.

I knew this battle was going to be bad as Bruce had 50% more troops that I had. He also had good move cards at the beginning and pressured me on both sides. Nothing much came of the right flank--all of the real action was on the left.

Someinitial skirmishing gave way to a closing of the heavies. I managed to do a lot of damage bt not enough to stop Bruce so I switched tactics and tried to run myself out of cards as fast as I could to limit my own losses.

In the end, Carthage clearly held the field and I lost a lot of troops. Oh well!

We then switched back to the board game. Bruce continued to pressure in the north and I decided to let myself be besieged. Bruce also decided to cross from Carthage to Sicily in the south. Unfortunately, a naval battle went poorly for him and our next battle will be in the south where I will have a numerical advantage.

Campaign wise, the losses may also really affect the event roll and possibly cause some Carthaginian provinces to defect. But I could could still lose spectacularly on the field of battle so I'm not counting those chickens.

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