Saturday, March 11, 2017

54mm British and Lego Star Wars

Life continues to conspire to keep me from the club but I did some painting this week. First up were four 54mm British light infantry to round out the figures I need for Tricorne.

I think the original I used as a guide is on the right. More or less close on the colours and level of washing. I also did four figures to round out the provincials I need. The original is in the middle (yellow hat trim). This required me to custom mix the coat colour. I think I did pretty well there.

I also received a shipment of Lego knockoffs from China. Vader, Saruman, and the AT-ST's are real but the rest are not. This might make an interesting Dragons Rampant army. Two units of heavy cavalry, three units of light, two units of foot/missile, and two heroes. Hmmm.  

Up next: I've got some more 54's under way: four hessian jaegers and eight Highlanders in kilts. Struggling a bit with the plaid.

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