Sunday, March 19, 2017

54mm Hessian Jaegers

With life starting to return to normal, I found some time to paint this week. The only thing I finished were four Hessian Jaegers to round out the Hessian forces for Tricorne.

Despite a lot of work, these guys turned out quite plain! I had to lighten the coats a lot with layering as the original colour I chose was just way too dark. For whatever reason, my camera phone went mental with the red--it is not so vivid in person!

They are a touch bigger than the plastic Hessians who make up most of my force. But they fit in well enough and I quite like the short carbines.

Up next: The club this week is my goal. I have also been painting on some British Highlanders (so much fiddly detail!) and I based and primed 18 American rifle militia. The latter should go quickly with some washes.

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