Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Dwarf pikemen

To mix things up some, I pulled out some of the Battlelore dwarves to paint. These were from the Scottish Wars expansion, I think, and are pike men.

Nice enough sculpts, although the demands of casting a robust plastic figure seems to mean the dwarf pikes are tree trunks. The figures are huge for 15mm dwarves (being taller and beefier than the humans).

I get it is fantasy and there may have been game play implications (small dwarves would look funny on the regular sized bases and would be hard to manipulate) but the name seems to cry out for smaller figures! (no idea why blogger insists on centering this section of text).

U next: Club night on Tuesday and some more mounted human knights. Then maybe some dwarf sheep-riding cavalry.


Fruitbat said...

Given the scottish theme, maybe these pikes are supposed to be like cabers? Then they could have a short range missile option too!

Fruitbat said...
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Bob Barnetson said...

That is a fiendishly good idea for Dragon's Rampant.