Thursday, February 11, 2016

End of the Longstreet Campaign

Bruce and I brought out ACW Longstreet campaign to an end on Tuesday, Bruce drew a meeting engagement and I was the defender. 

Alas, I did not listen to the set-up instructions and, once the terrain was laid, I had to march the length of my baseline to get into position while Bruce rushed to catch me out (with the help of some unexpected bad going)!

Eventually I got into position on the right side of the board and managed to more of less hold Bruce off. I was greatly added by Bruce rolling so badly that I wanted to shout "Great Scott". But that would be a mean thing to remind Scott about...

As things went poorly for Bruce on the right, I pushed forward on the left and bagged three units, which basically won the game.

Bruce then charged on the left and I managed to inflict enough damage that his troops fled the field. It was a glorious victory for the southerners, marred only by discovering that we had lost the war (arse!). Oh well, these things happen. I would certainly play this again!

Up next: More Battlelore.

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