Saturday, October 24, 2015

Star Wars 33mm AT-ST

A few more pieces from this Star Wars commission I'm working on are done. today I finished the AT-ST. It looks very nice, I think. I put in a few stormtroopers for scale. Shame it did not come with a commander peeking out of the top hatch.

The instructions were to give t a rubble base. It is a bit hard t see, but the pipe/tree it has stepped up is tipped up and mostly is free from the surrounding rubble (which is a nice dynamic effect). I need to paint the edge of the base black.

I also resolved my interior basing dilemma and ended up with a plain, slightly charcoal base. This looked better than my efforts to mirror the bases printed on the game tiles.

This moved three more storm troopers and two of the red guys to the finished pile.

Up next: I have Luke, Vader, three imperial officers, three probe droids and two scout troopers wt laer cannons almost finished. Then onto a few good guys and creatures.


24_Cigarettes said...

Nice job, I like that yours appear to have seen combat rather that fresh off the assembly line.

Terry Silverthorn said...

Nicely done Bob, I've only painted the Heroes thus far.

Bob Barnetson said...

Or they just need a trip through the car wash!

Bob Barnetson said...

Just finishing the heroes today. All I have left are the two tiger-like creatures (about half done) and the four Bossk-like hunters (primed). A bit intimidated by the hunters but I think I just need to lay down the base colours and get the hell on with it!

Preacher by day said...

Lovely work on the AT-ST. Looks suitably grimy.

Bob Barnetson said...