Tuesday, October 20, 2015

33mm Star Wars Stormtroopers

I don't really paint on commission anymore, but having a go at the Imperial Assault minis was too tempting to pass up. I've got everyone primed and I am starting to do the detail work. 

The stormtroopers are lovely figures but a bit tricky to photograph (hard to get decent contrast because of the white). They look very good in person (moreso than in the pictures). I primed these guys white, sealed them and then washed in some shadow. Then I detailed them and sealed them again. I left these fellows shiny because that is how they looked in the movie stills.

I have three more stormtroopers that I am still basing. I'm not happy with how the "indoor" basing turned out and will need to re-do the bases. I also finished four of the imperial guards (or whatever they are called). Two are awaiting a revision to their interior bases but these two guys are done.

The bad guys are very monochromatic. I tried to replicate the different textures on the costumes with different finishes (heads are shiny, robes are dull) but I'm not sure that this really shows up in the picture.

Up next: Well, more Star Wars is on the way. I have an AT-ST finished and I'm working on Luke, Vader and three imperial officers. It is also club night tonight.

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