Sunday, October 18, 2015

Rest of the 1/72-scale British Airborne

I managed to complete the rest of the 1/72-scale British airborne that I picked up from Tim in Saskatoon this summer. First up were three large bases (two six pounders and a command base.

These were painted by Tim; I just rebased them. Tim assures me that the map on the hood of the jeep is a historically accurate map of Arnhem. He is kind of crazy like that!

I then painted up about 70 plastic paratroops as singles to complete the units I started a few weeks ago.

Not sure I quite matched Tim's colour palette (he had some plastics painted that I also based as singles) but close enough for government work. Painted three-tone camo on 70 guys was a bit tedious! Especially since it doesn't show up on the photos very well!

I reversed the mat in my photo booth and this seems to have solved the yellowing issue on my iPhone camera. Not sure the grey with hints if pink is too my taste but it beats having to colour correct every picture.

Up next. I'm working my way through a bunch of 33mm Star Wars figures and will start to post pictures shortly.

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