Friday, August 21, 2015

Rebasing 8th Army

I picked up 50 painted Esci 8th army troops in a trade with Tim in Saskatoon. These were lovingly based but not in a way I could use so I ended up rebasing. This was less painful than I thought. Most went on four-man bases but a fair number were individually based.

There were a couple that required painting (an MG team). I tried to follow Tim's approach (black lined, no wash) but my hand is not as steady as his! He painted these fellows up as PPCLI troops for Sicily and I think they make a nice addition to my existing 8th army.

Below you can see my usual approach and Tim's approach. It is hard to say which I like better. Tim's painting is more defined and the figures jump right out. Mine have more subtle shadows. Happy to have these reinforcements!

Up next: I have some additional French tanks drying and I will continue to work on rebasing Tim's troops. I also have a bunch of Africa Korp infantry being painted.

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